Republic is consensus

In view of the current development of the blockchain network, there are widespread conflicts between coin holders and bookkeepers. We try to design a new mechanism to solve this problem, increase the supervision mechanism of regional community representatives, and each city has a highly autonomous management System, namely the Star Alliance Republican Mechanism

The real territory of the AR worldview

Star Alliance is a blockchain network linking reality and the AR world. The unified establishment and formation of AR worldview requires a solid real world soil for management. The commercial value of AR needs to be accurately presented in social activities, that is, the reality of abstract virtual creations. Landing.

Genesis Engine

Based on the gesture recognition algorithm of the Hidden Markov HMM model and the independent storage and recall of Model Chain and Material Chain, any independent individual, studio and organization can freely create virtual creations on the Star Alliance Lab, and encrypt them in the district through hash encryption. The copyright of the model that cannot be tampered with or copied is clear on the block chain

Matrix relational discrete model

In view of the complexity of AR creation, Star Alliance has established a discrete chain network structure including Key Chain, Model Chain, and Material Chain to resolve the contradiction between the data carrying capacity of the blockchain and the amount of AR creation data.


The macro goal of the Star Alliance Lab is to break through the limitations of the "dimension wall" in the interaction in the real world. The Star Alliance Lab is trying to build a virtual world with AR-made logistics and a unified AR worldview on the real territory. The previous AR world was dominated by a single world view and lacked interactivity; AR products were limited by a single hardware and community, and lacked mobility; AR studios or enthusiasts were restricted by the platform and scale, and lacked economic impetus. Star Alliance Labs, through the transaction data on-chain, AR model and AR material matrix relationship discrete blockchain registration, cleared the obstacles for AR to directly interact in the real world, generate commercial value, and break through the "dimension wall". 3D AR creations are unique NFTs ((non-homogeneous tokens)) that can penetrate into reality and will create unique value in more and more fields in the future.

In order for AR creation to generate commercial application value as quickly as possible in the real world, the basic goal of Star Alliance Lab is to obtain the origin of the initial AR planet in each city and region through the registration of real commercial real estate REITs. To consolidate the philosophical foundation of virtual land property rights in the AR world. Commercial real estate is the place with the highest density of commercial value and the fastest technological innovation in the real world. REITs (real estate securitization) is a mature real estate securitization method since the 1970s in the United States. It forms compliant real assets through ABS, bundles them with AR virtual land property rights and registers them on the blockchain network, creating AR virtual world economic activities A solid foundation.

Cooperative agency

Sansiri (上思睿)

Shang Si Rui was established in 1984. After years of development, it has become the second largest developer in Thailand. It is praised for its advanced design concept and high-quality property management, and has been voted as the most trustworthy developer for many consecutive years. Total assets reached 35 billion baht (approximately 1.1 billion US dollars).

Quality House (Q House)

The full name is Quality House Public Company. It is a well-known listed real estate company in Thailand. Q House's projects are all known for Quality. Q House also operates hotels and develops office buildings and resort projects; including serviced apartments. Q House's total assets are approximately US$640 million.


Lumpini (LPN) Development is one of Thailand's most famous real estate developers. Its projects are spread all over Thailand. LPN mainly targets young people, such as white-collar workers and students, for customized high-level design and corresponding property management, and has achieved a high reputation. The main products of LPN tend to be the overall positioning of mini-units.

Ananda Development

Ananda is the latest and fastest growing newcomer in the Thai real estate market.

Vornado Realty Trust Fund

Vornado Realty Trust (NASDAQ: VNO) is a real estate agency established in 1947 and one of the well-known real estate companies in the United States. Vornado manages and owns nearly 100 million square feet of real estate, and is committed to promoting the sustainable development of REITs around the world.

Penguin Capital

Penguin Capital PENGUIN CAPITAL FOUNDATION: Penguin Capital is a blockchain investment capital established in New York in 2018. It has 8 years of investment experience in the blockchain field and is an authoritative, leading and influential group in the North American blockchain investment field. One of its partners includes one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in the Middle East, compliant exchanges and the top developers in the blockchain field.

About Hypher

Hypher is the first landing project initiated by the Star Alliance Lab team, the New York Vornado Realty Trust Fund (NASDAQ: VNO) and Thailand's Ananda Development (Ananda). Hypher is the first to land in Southeast Asia where the development of REITs is immature, trying to promote the practice of Token economy in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places, lowering the threshold of home ownership investment and liquefying regional real estate.


About Numerous Protocol

The Numerous Agreement is a cooperative project between the Star Alliance Lab team and the Numerous Foundation. Based on the three-year deep cultivation of the Star Alliance Labs team in the NFT field, Penguin Capital PENGUIN CAPITAL FOUNDATION invested US$3.7 million in July 2020 to jointly establish the Numeric Foundation with Star Alliance Labs in an attempt to promote the further development of the NFT field.

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team cooperation

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Guo Rongkai

Assistant professor at Kennesaw State University, team leader of the software engineering and game development department of the XMR laboratory at the University of Southern California. Rongkai Guo has been engaged in the virtual reality research of rehabilitation engineering and game interactive space since 2009. Since 2010, Guo has published many articles in multiple peer-reviewed academic journals on topics such as human positioning and limb mobility obstacles in virtual reality space. Papers, such as "Journal of Systems and Software", "Journal of Soft Computing", "International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer"

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Dr. Reza Parizi

Assistant professor at Kennesaw State University, associate professor at the New York Institute of Technology, researcher at the MXR laboratory at the University of Southern California, with 8 years of experience in industrial software development and project management. Dr. Parizi has made extremely high achievements in blockchain development and Internet of Things software engineering, and has published papers in several peer-reviewed journals with extremely high impact factors, such as "Computers & Security", " IEEE Transaction on Reliability, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, Information and Software Technology

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Assistant Professor of the School of Film and Television Arts of the University of Southern California, MARK BOLAS obtained the IEEE ( IEEE is a career award, best research presentation award and best technical description award issued by the Visual Graphics Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Alliance of Wonder Planet Labs thanks MARK BOLAS for providing a solid theoretical foundation for the Alliance of Wonder Planet Labs AR positioning and recognition system.

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Paola Spoletini

Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw State University) Associate Professor of Software Engineering, University of Southern California XMR Laboratory Software Engineering Project Coordinator, Kennesaw State University PhD in Computer Science, Miranda Polytechnic University Electrical Engineering and Master of Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago In 2014, when he was teaching the Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences (Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences), Paola Spoletini entered the VR/AR field and led the human rehabilitation AR project.

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"Breakthrough dimension" is an unrealized part of many human ideals, but with the improvement of blockchain technology and the upcoming breakthrough of AR technology, this ideal will inevitably attract more and more system programmers, encryption technology researchers, and front-ends. The participation of developers, back-end developers and geeks. Welcome to join the Star Alliance Lab.